Trailer Attack: 13th September 2022 – Campfire desert sifu

Nintendo Direct

Watch this Nintendo Direct presentation featuring roughly 40 minutes of information focused mostly on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter.

River City Girls Zero

Get ready to brawl like it’s 1994! River City Girls Zero, the 16-bit beat-’em-up that inspired River City Girls 1, is now available digitally on PS4, PS5, and Xbox! Experience the origin of the River City Girls story as Kunio and Riki, along with Misako and Kyoko, attempt to clear their names of a heinous crime by uppercutting, spin-kicking, stomping, and slamming every thug that gets in their way! The retro graphics, music, and gameplay are joined by a new intro, new cutscenes, and new music by Megan McDuffee and DEMONDICE. River City Girls Zero is also available on Nintendo Switch, and will arrive on Steam on September 22.

Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North

With branching missions, new government options for major players and even new military units, Lions of the North is packed with variety and excitement. Make your enemies hear your roar!

Guild Wars 2

A toxic seed has been sown. Guarded by magic and fed with evil, it grows. The dark tower in Kessex Hills hides countless secrets within its chambers. It will take strength, determination, and a cool head to survive the trials that await you. Fight your way to the peak of the Tower of Nightmares and destroy the toxic menace!

Lies of P

Neowiz hsd released 40 minutes of gameplay from its upcoming Soulslike action RPG Lies of P.


Isonzo is out now on PC, PlayStation & Xbox! Experience the southern front of the Great War in an historical accurate FPS game. The battles you and your fellow soldiers fight are all based on real historical events.

Triangle Strategy

Three mighty powers have long waged war on the great continent of Norzelia. The hit tactical RPG from the team who brought you the Bravely series and Octopath Traveler, now available for pre-purchase on Steam!

Flat Eye

Flat Eye is coming to Steam on October 17th! Soon you’ll be able to install new exciting modules that will attract customers to your station, drawing from their experiences to explore humanity through the advancement of technology.

Space Raiders in Space

An alien hivemind sets out to destroy humanity. Protect your crew from giant bug creatures and assist them on their mission. Discover the truth about the alien invasion.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Get ready for the release of Chapter 2: A Huntress and a Hag. Explore the huge free content update that includes a new agent, bounties, enemies and rewards. Help Shen Xiu in the pursuit of the deadly monster known as the Hag. Let her guide your hand as you learn the ways of the Hunters and gain access to an impeccable arsenal and tools.

Sniper Elite 5

Rebellion has today released a free Survival Map for Sniper Elite 5, as well as the latest batch of Season Pass One content. Entitled ‘Amongst the Rubble’, the new Survival Map is available free to all players as part of the latest title update while the new Concealed Target pack, which features a new pistol as well as character and weapon skins, is available as part of Season Pass One or as an individual purchase.

Little Orpheus

Little Orpheus is out NOW on PC, Playstation, XBOX and Switch! Little Orpheus is a technicolor side-scrolling adventure game inspired by classic movies like Flash Gordon, Sinbad and The Land that Time Forgot. The platforming and light puzzles solving of Little Orpheus are simple enough for casual players but rich enough for seasoned adventure fans.

Unusual Findings

It’s the 80s and the Christmas is coming, Vinny, Nick and Tony are young and their new cable signal descrambler just arrived. That same night while trying to decrypt a pay per view adult channel, they pick up the distress signal of an alien spaceship crash-landing in the woods near their town… Things only get weirder as they realize that the towering alien is killing very specific members of their community!

Oh my Anne

NEOWIZ is preparing to announce its next hit title, Oh my Anne. While the team isn’t quite ready to reveal the details yet, they are ready to tease a bit about the game through a series of three screenshots. The world will soon know when developers lift the veil on Oh my Anne.


Developer Pharos Interactive today announced that their adventure puzzle game Kredolis will launch on PC for Steam on September 27th and consoles later this year.

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 is available now! Face the nightmares and madness of the Old Ones in this very challenging sequel to the action RPG with rogue-like elements based on the H.P. Lovecraft Mythos.


TUNIC is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 27th, 2022! Explore a land filled with lost legends, ancient powers, and ferocious monsters in TUNIC, an isometric action game about a small fox on a big adventure. Stranded on a mysterious beach, armed with only your own curiosity, you will confront colossal beasts, collect strange and powerful items, and unravel long-lost secrets. Be brave, little fox!


OCTOPATH TRAVELER II will release worldwide on February 24th, 2023 on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Campfire Cabal

THQ Nordic has set sail on a new expedition to Denmark with the formation of a new development studio called Campfire Cabal! The studio was formed by industry veterans who worked on titles such as the highly acclaimed Expeditions: Rome, the Hitman-series, and Hunt: Showdown. Campfire Cabal will focus on high-quality, narrative-driven RPGs and is currently working on a project that has yet to be publicly disclosed.

Watcher Chronicles

Become a glutton for punishment and persevere, alone or with a friend, against 20+ merciless bosses and legions of skeletal nightmares in this savage yet charming 2D souls-like now available on PS5/PS4.


Sifu developer and publisher Sloclap revealed in the September 2022 Nintendo Direct that the game of the year contender is making a long-awaited trip to the Nintendo Switch on 8 November 2022.

Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss today launched the Fairies and Magical Creatures update in Black Desert Mobile, allowing players to add an adorable Fairy companion to their adventures.

The Division 2

Hunt General Anderson, collect new gear and outfits, and challenge yourself with the new legendary difficulty for the Countdown Mode. Play Season 10: Price of Power on September 13th

STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life

Put down roots on your new farm in the peaceful town of Forgotten Valley, and tell your own generation-spanning tale in STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life, coming 2023.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters

While the Goddesses were out responding to a distress call from the faraway PC Continent, Nepgear and the other Candidates were sent to investigate an abandoned laboratory. It was there that they found the “Ashen Goddess”, who trapped them in a deep sleep capsule. By the time they awoke, 2 years had already passed. The latest smartphone, the “rPhone”, dominates the market. Neptune has been missing since her mission to the PC Continent, and in the absence of its Goddess and Candidate, Planeptune was ravaged by a strange new phenomenon, the Trendi Outbreaks. Suddenly finding herself robbed of home and family, Nepgear falls into a deep depression. This is a story about finding hope in the midst of despair, and the rebirth of a Goddess in the wake of destruction.