Trailer Attack: 12th May 2022 – Wake space hellslave

Little Cities

Little Cities, the eagerly anticipated cozy VR city creator, is available right now (exclusively on Meta Quest and Quest 2) for just $19.99 / £14.99 / €19.99

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Hyper strikes, online clubs, and…tackling your own teammates?! Watch the new Mario Strikers: Battle League Football trailer to see what chaos awaits you on the pitch!

Achilles: Legends Untold

Play as Achilles, the Greek warrior and hero of the Trojan War, who is recruited by Hades to confront the god of war Ares on his behalf. Face hordes of mythical beasts, mercenaries and demigods roaming the Earth.

Crossfire: Legion

Crossfire: Legion, the upcoming fast paced action packed Real Time Strategy launching in Early Access on May 24 is giving players even more choice of strategic play and potential battleground dominance with the addition of a massive 24 units and 3 unique commanders to the battle roster, amounting to a grand total of 45 units and 6 Commanders!


Riftbound, the action packed lane defense game, OUT NOW on Steam!

Bail or Jail

Bail or Jail is new coming to Steam! The Demo will be released on 11th May, 2022!!

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

Leysha is a seeress, with a reputation within the Boston court for being able to see the future. But the thing she’s trying to recall is her past. The years have not been kind to her but provided she has her daughter Halsey, then nothing can stop her.


Choose a Commanding Officer from one of three factions. Explore, expand, and endure across campaigns set on a mysterious planet steeped in mystical sci-fi lore! Fight tactical, turn-based battles across large maps. Play with friends in local + online multiplayer. Mod the game and make it your own!

Dead Space

Motive invites you to the last in their series of early looks at the development of the Dead Space remake


The world is coming to an end May 26th! And humanity is on the brink of extinction. Save it from a demon invasion by making a pact with the Devil and praise one of 6 demons to avoid humanity’s demise into darkness. Use your newly acquired demonic power against the invaders but it may have a bigger impact on you than you thought…


Madshot will enter the Steam Early Access on June 9th


APICO is a laid-back beekeeping sim game about breeding, collecting, & conserving bees! Set in a series of lush environments, APICO uniquely combines resource gathering, biology, and beekeeping minigames, taking ideas from a mix of real-life and fantasy apiculture & floriculture.

Killer in the Cabin

Independent developer Games People Play have released today their exciting new multiplayer hyper-social deduction and survival game, Killer in the Cabin, on Steam. After a successful Early Access period, the developers have polished the game with the help of their passionate community, the full version is now available on Steam for $4.99 / $3.99 / €3.99.

Deliver Us The Moon

Remastered for next-gen consoles, acclaimed Sci-Fi thriller Deliver Us The Moon is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on June 23rd.


Publisher Modus Games today showcased an explosive new gameplay video for the upcoming action title Soulstice, which is now available to pre-order from select retailers ahead of its release this autumn. The new combat-focused video demonstrates how sisters Briar and Lute work in unison, using an array of destructive weapons and otherworldly powers to overcome their enemies and save the city of Ilden.

Charon’s Staircase

Back in August last year, SOEDESCO announced their partnership with Spanish independent video game developer Indigo Studios. Today, SOEDESCO reveals in a new teaser video the premise and the ominous atmosphere of the upcoming first-person horror mystery game Charon’s Staircase.

Harvest Days

A new life in the country is calling! Fulfill your dreams and manage your very own farm in this lovingly designed open-world game. Work hard, manage your business wisely and your little farm might grow into a personal paradise, surrounded by boundless, untouched nature.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

The brand-new crisis event starts today. Nightmare Fog is a free limited-time mode available from 12th May to 2nd June! Team-up, make your way through the fog and destroy the Toxic Tree while managing your Neurotoxin level. Good luck, Operators!

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

End the Once and Future King’s nightmare’s haunting Avalon in this role-playing tactical game set in an Arthurian dark fantasy world. The Chained God – free content update coming in June!

Alan Wake Remastered

What’s next for Alan Wake Remastered? How’s Alan Wake 2 development going? To celebrate the anniversary of Alan Wake (2010), we put together a video talking about the past and future Mr Wake, including updates for Alan Wake Remastered and Alan Wake 2.


Paradox Interactive today announced the release of Overlord, a full expansion for Stellaris centered around new empire management features. The new expansion adds a series of new mechanics to Stellaris which grant players unprecedented levels of control over their galactic domains, from powerful new megastructures to deeper interactions with vassal systems. Overlord is available now for all PC platforms for a suggested retail price of $19.99/£15.49/€19.99


FlippinKaktus is NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS! Have fun and tell us what you think about the game afterward.