Trailer Attack: 12th March 2024 – Ronin monster death

Little Cities: Bigger!

Little Cities: Bigger! is OUT NOW. Relax into endless creativity and experience classic city building with a cozy, colorful twist! Uniting over a year’s worth of critically acclaimed update content and a slew of delightful upgrades, PS VR2 players are getting their paws on Little Cities in its ultimate form!

Passing By: A Tailwind Journey

Passing By: A Tailwind Journey is OUT NOW on Nintendo Switch, Steam and Epic Games Store.

The Crew Motorfest

For this third season of Motorfest, we celebrate talents who shaped what car culture is today. Experience the thrill of the most legendary Hollywood car action scenes and complete spectacular driving challenges. Take a seat with automobile content creators and learn from some of the best professional drivers!

F1 Manager 24

Create a team and lead them to glory in F1 Manager 24.

Dead by Daylight

It creeps ever closer, down the basement steps. Dead by Daylight: All Things Wicked is here, bringing The Unknown, Sable Ward, and the Greenville Square Map into The Fog. Raise a cup of red and stare into the scarlet depths. The essence of life, the draught of death. In its reflection, the blood moon hangs. Mark your calendars. A new Event begins on March 18th to March 31st.

Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle

Check out the latest gameplay reel for Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle, showcasing weapons, bosses, locations and mini-games that you will come across in our family-friendly FPS VR arcade game. Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle is a family-friendly, wave/rail-style VR FPS filled with challenging levels and fun mini-games. Armed with candy-themed guns and upgrades, players are tasked with repelling an invasion of a pastry army. Defend the castle against the waves of doughnuts, muffins, and cupcakes who try to stage a coup d’etat in the Sugar Kingdom!

Blood Bowl 3 

Season 4 launches with the Wood Elf taking the spotlight as the Star of the Season!

GRANDIA HD Collection

GungHo Online Entertainment America (GOEA) today announced that the GRANDIA HD Collection, the remaster of the classic role-playing series, will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 26, 2024. Additionally, GOEA has partnered with Limited Run Games to release physical editions of the collection. Fans can preorder Limited Run Games’ physical edition of the GRANDIA HD Collection starting March 15, 2024.

Battlefield 2042

It’s all or nothing in Battlefield 2042 – Season 7: Turning Point. Do whatever it takes and battle for Earth’s most valuable resource in a Chilean desert.

Monster Hunter 

Journey back to 2004 with us as we look back at 20 amazing years of the Monster Hunter series! No matter when you joined the hunt, we want to share a sincere thank you to all of our hunters for your support.

TopSpin 2K25

TopSpin is officially back. Step onto the virtual court and win the career Grand Slam, compete in iconic venues, learn the game from legend John McEnroe in the TopSpin Academy, and much more.


A heartfelt, story-rich casual puzzle adventure celebrating the best of ancient Chinese culture. Explore an exquisitely hand-drawn world with delightful surprises and challenges at every turn, from cooking, finding hidden objects, paper crafting, and more. Guide Rooster through a charming and emotionally rewarding journey about family and love. Rooster is made possible with the support of the Canada Media Fund and Ontario Creates.

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles will contain Twitch Integration features at launch, allowing content creators to bring their viewers into the Great Ursee. Creators and their audiences can try these features right now with the expanded demo on PC. This brand new trailer was gives players a glimpse of the integration features available at launch in a livestream test from streamer D3gausser, who after creating a custom in universe avatar, finds out that the chaos isn’t just limited to the style of creativity in Bulwark, but in the impact that chat can have on his gameplay. Bulwark gives players true freedom to create, sculpt, and shape the war-torn world of the Ursee in this wonder-generation sim. Crafting Steampunk-style fortresses from nothing but wood and stone, players will nurture and grow their coast-clinging cities into towering triumphs.

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley is now available on PC Steam and Nintendo Switch!

Sophia the Traveler

Sophia the Traveler, a wholesome hidden object adventure, will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch on April 11!

The 9th Charnel

The 9th Charnel is a first-person psychological survival horror game. Filled with a rich and frightening atmosphere, this game aims to provide a haunting and desperate action-survival experience. While exploring the many mysteries of this world, you must survive — whether you do it through stealth or by using weapons.

Death Trick: Double Blind

The star magician of Morgan’s Traveling Circus is missing, but the show must go on! In this non-linear detective visual novel, unravel the mystery from two different perspectives as you learn the varying stories of an entire circus of performers, each with their own lives… and their own secrets.

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 x Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary! Adventure through the Battle Hub in Rathalos Armor and take photos in a redesigned space built for all hunters aching for a fight. The quest begins in April!

Artificer’s Tower

Excited to announce our official release date: April 18, 2024! Experience the expanded horizons of a game that seamlessly blends strategic resource management, engaging colony simulation, and thrilling tower defense mechanics. Witness the allure of a world where magic is not just a tool but a way of life, and every decision shapes your unique mage tower. In this teaser, get a sneak peek at the latest enchanting features and enhancements waiting for you in Artificer’s Tower. Discover new rooms, innovative traps, and enhanced enchantment options. See how you can strategize your resource use, manage a thriving community of mages, and protect your tower from increasingly challenging adversaries.

Rise of the Ronin 

Meet the key political factions in Rise of the Ronin, that vie for power in this tumultuous time. Which will you align to?

The Gap

The Gap tells the difficult story of a man’s struggle to find a cure for his family’s illness through the exploration of parallel realities that include memories dear to his heart, forcing him to dive deeper into his psyche.

Goblin Stone

Award-winning indie studio Orc Chop Games, is happy to announce that their award-winning Narrative turn-based RPG, Goblin Stone, is now available on Steam with a 10% launch offer for $22.50. The game will be available on the Epic Games Store at a later date.

Bubble Ghost

Watch as Fran Romguer – Music and sound design, Chema Esteo – Art director and 3D artist and Manu Scythe – Game and level designer walk you through the brand new trailer talking about some of the fantastic visual, audio and gameplay treats gamers can look forward to embarking on a nostalgic yet refreshingly modern journey through the haunted mansion, guided by the adorable little ghost and its bubble.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox: Definitive Edition

Mr. Fox, good to see you again. Are you ready to re-enter the world of Limbo? See what’s changed since the last time we spoke. The Last Case of Benedict Fox: Definitive Edition coming to PlayStation5 on the 26th of March 2024. PC and Xbox users receive the Definite Edition update for free on the same day.

Contra: Operation Galuga

The explosive new entry in the Contra series is now available on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Steam! This modern reimagining of the classic ’80s run-‘n’-gun game, ‘Contra’, is more action-packed than ever with new stages, new enemies and bosses, new play mechanics, an updated weapon system, and more! Take control of elite Contra commandos Bill Rizer and Lance Bean and battle the ruthless Red Falcon terrorist group, which has conquered the Galuga Archipelago and threatens all of humanity!

MY LITTLE PONY: A Zephyr Heights Mystery

Outright Games, in collaboration with Hasbro, has revealed the newest video game based on the iconic MY LITTLE PONY franchise with MY LITTLE PONY: A Zephyr Heights Mystery. The title follows Sunny, Izzy, Misty, Pipp, Zipp and Hitch on an open-world cooperative adventure set in the kingdom of Zephyr Heights, as they stop a strange magic from turning the world upside down. Developed by Drakhar Studio, MY LITTLE PONY: A Zephyr Heights Mystery is launching on 17 May for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Crown Wars: The Black Prince

Crown Wars will be released on March 2024 on Xbox Series X|S,Playstation 5 and PC.