Trailer Attack: 11th May 2023 – Piece last voodolls treat

Reus 2

Shape humanity with the power of the gods in Reus 2. Choose your giants, combine resources, and manipulate fate to guide the path of civilization. The choices are yours, and so are the consequences.

Layers of Fear

Step into the unsettling world of Layers of Fear, where mysteries and danger lurk around every corner. With only one month left until the release of the Layers series’ crowning work, we invite you to watch the cinematic intro of the upcoming game. Join the Writer on a gripping journey into the foreboding Lighthouse and witness the chilling horrors lurking within its decaying walls. Layers of Fear coming out June 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Crusader Kings III

It is a big world, and a life spent behind the high walls of one castle would be a wasted one. See and experience this wide world through exciting new activities in the Crusader Kings III brand new Expansion.
Travel the length of your realm. Host a tournament that will live forever in the memories of all that compete. Relieve stress with a falconry hunt, or show your prowess by hunting a legendary beast. All this and and so much more await you in Tours & Tournaments!


OUT NOW in Steam Early Access, Mechabellum puts you in command of a mech army. Plan out strategies and units, balance offense and defense, upgrade your units, and watch as your army attempts to triumph over your opponent. Each round is a chance for the tides of battle to turn, and one small change in your strategy could be the difference between an epic victory or crushing defeat.


Shape the fears… Fear the shapes. Set in a creepy and melancholic world, GYLT is an eerie story mixing fantasy and reality in a surrealist place where your nightmares become reality. Hide from terrible creatures or confront them as you find your way through the challenges of this wicked world. GYLT will be available on July 6th on Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and Xbox One.


Decarnation, the upcoming horror game from Studio QBD and the first game published by Shiro Unlimited, will feature the legendary Japanese composer Akira Yamaoka. This story-rich 2D adventure is set to be released on May 31 for PC (Steam), and Nintendo Switch.


QUANTAAR is a free-to-play VR Party Brawler! Command Heroes with distinct class-based roles and enhance Hero abilities with Cores to compete in multiple game modes. Party with friends in social-themed rooms and customize yourself with cosmetic skins.


DRIFTCE is the definitive drifting simulation videogame, featuring gameplay elements from Car Mechanic Simulator: the player tunes the car in his garage and then compete in drifting challenges on licensed drift circuits.

Veil of Darkness

Bloody from the flaming wreckage of your cargo plane, you stagger into a desolate village in a time-forgotten valley. With each step, you slide deeper into a horror beyond reason. A terrifying tale unfolds – of Kairn, a man compelled to murder his father and brothers. A man with an all-consuming lust for power. A man who feasts on human blood! You must destroy this blood-mad demon and his flesh-devouring ghouls and werewolves. Or you will die. Will you be the final victor? Or Kairn’s next victim?

Cyber Citizen Shockman

Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and Shinyuden are excited to announce the forthcoming release of Cyber Citizen Shockman, an iconic title previously released on PC Engine in Japan but never before released in the West. Due for release and launching on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on May 19 2023, this retro arcade action platformer starring two characters (boy and girl), with a number of improvements, captures the excitement and appeal that made it a genre favourite.


Join Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew in another adventure through the World of Memories in ONE PIECE ODYSSEY Reunion of Memories! The Reunion of Memories DLC takes the Straw Hat Crew deep into the twisted abyss of Waford – featuring a new, original story and tougher battles. Reunion of Memories launches May 25, 2023!


Stand against the hordes of hell in Voodolls, a 4-player tower defense experience filled with action and strategy. Choose from a robust set of towers and traps to craft the ultimate defense. Unparalleled synergy, it’s your defense, you choose how complex or wacky it is. Play as one of four unique charatches, each with their own abilities. Prepare your defenses, raise your towers, ready your weapons, and stand together as tower defense is reborn!


A slice-of-life adventure about childhood and soccer in Quito, Ecuador 2001. Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in 2024


Get ready as the ultimate VR action game with EVERSLAUGHT Invasion launches May 25 on Meta Quest 2!

Friends vs Friends

Friends vs Friends is coming to Steam on May 30th! Play online, fast-paced, chaotic combat! Level up, get new cards, improve the ones you already have, and unlock new characters with their own unique skill.


Trackmania is coming to Playstation, Xbox and Luna May 15th!

Death Or Treat

Death Or Treat is available now on PS5, Xbox Series X & PC! The Halloween spirit is missing! Play as Scary and help him save HallowTown. “Death or Treat” is a 2D action-roguelite and hack & slash, with handpainted environments and traditional animation. Explore all the worlds and defeat hordes of enemies using different weapons and skills

After You

After You is a narrative game with puzzles, but it is not an easy game, here you will not have indicators or tutorials, nor can you save when you want. In After You you need to put all your attention and use paper and pencil to move forward, if you’re looking for an easy game, this is not your game. You are Aron, a man who wakes up in his room and realizes that he is alone. Neither his family nor his neighbours are there. From there, Aron will begin a journey to try to understand what has happened. Over the course of three chapters, Aron will reveal the deepest and most humane secrets of the people who inhabited these places.

Tour de France 2023

Discover the very first gameplay trailer of the Tour de France 2023, with the presentation of the new game mode Downhill of the Moment. With the races of the moment appearing last year, the aim of the Challenge of the Moment mode is to regularly offer you new events to refresh objectives and challenges. In line with this, the mode is being expanded with the Downhill of the Moment. Tour de France 2023 will be available on 8 June 2023.


Archosaur Games is pleased to announce that its dark fantasy idle RPG Madtale is coming to iOS and Android platforms on July 12th, with pre-registration beginning on May 13th.

The Last Starship

England crowns a new King and we deliver Alpha 3 – this time it’s all about the crew. Workstations and weapons now need human oversight to function meaning you’ll need to devote a bit more time to keeping everyone fed and watered – good job we’ve introduced hydroponics so you can get on growing those space carrots!

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3

Experience the thrill of the world’s most dangerous motorcycle race with TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3, available now! Featuring the official TT circuit, historical tracks, and over 200km of roads to explore, it’s the ultimate game for fans of the sport. With upgraded physics and handling, 32 different tracks, nearly 40 superbikes and supersports, over 20 official riders to choose from and a range of activities to complete, it’s the perfect game for anyone who loves high-speed racing.

Another Fisherman’s Tale

Ahoy! Another Fisherman’s Tale has arrived and docked! Time to finally set sail and embark on this new adventure with new tales and mind-bending puzzles with Bob and Nina.

Space Engineers

The time has finally arrived, Space Engineers Beta is LIVE on PlayStation! Space Engineers, developed on PC, has sold almost 5 million copies and reached a worldwide audience. Now, more than three years after the successful release of Space Engineers on Xbox we are releasing Space Engineers for PlayStation.