Trailer Attack: 11th March 2022 – Cruel hotel space light

Golden Light

Eat weapons, be scared and question your own mind in this Survival-Horror FPS Prop Hunt Roguelike about meat. Now with online Co-op and Versus modes. Walls are watching you!

Dead by Daylight

Haunted by memories of loss, darkened by the shadow of evil. His journey is far from over. Yoichi Asakawa is no stranger to Sadako’s fury. His father Ryuji, once a brilliant and respected professor, was but one of her countless victims. Sadako’s shadow has since loomed overhead, drowning him with her suffocating presence — a presence that has risen from the watery abyss once more. Yet Sadako was not alone in possessing otherworldly power. Now a marine biologist, Yoichi’s desire to understand his own psychic abilities plunged him into a wellspring of supernatural research. Though his credibility was shattered, Yoichi’s search for answers led him through treacherous waters, deep into a realm beyond rational understanding. Continue his story with the Sadako Rising Chapter, now available in Dead by Daylight.


The 2021 DTM season saw a radical change with the swap to GT3 machinery and the opportunity for legendary sportscar manufacturers to make their debut in the renowned series. Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche joined DTM legends BMW, Audi and Mercedes, and now you can relive one of the most exciting DTM seasons in recent history!

The Cruel King and the Great Hero

Experience a storybook adventure of a young girl who dreams of being a hero and the mighty beast who protects her in The Cruel King and the Great Hero! Can the Dragon King come to terms with the inevitable truth that the girl is bound to learn one day?

Arena of Valor

The Man of Steel himself, Superman is a formidable warrior tank that can enhance any team composition. Learn how to become faster than a speeding bullet after watching this Hero Introduction Guide!

Forza Horizon 5

Rugged, durable and versatile. If you need to go off the beaten path, there’s no better choice to crawl through rocks, dirt and mud than the 2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro. After all, overcoming unforgiving terrain is rooted in the heritage of the 4Runner series, and the TRD Pro amplifies this to the next level with its oversize TRD-tuned high-performance shocks and rear remote reservoirs.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

“The World” returns once again after 20 years. Join Haseo in the mysterious VRMMORPG, fight your way through countless towns and dungeons, and grow stronger to ultimately save his friend, Shino.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA: Scary-Tale Adventures

To all the humans, vamps and other creatures out there – today launches Hotel Transylvania Scary Tale Adventures. Help Drac and his frightful & delightful pack in this all-new 3D platform adventure set in the Hotel Transylvania universe. Available now for consoles and PC, get yours today!

Dead Space

Motive invites you to the latest in their series of early looks at development and what goes into the remake of a game. This livestream will focus on the studio’s philosophy for taking Dead Space’s award-winning audio design to the next level by bringing the game to today’s generation of platforms and the new Frostbite™ engine – while still remaining faithful to the iconic atmosphere, mood, and sounds you know and love.

Chex Quest HD

Back to the good old days! Chex Quest HD is OUT NOW! Remake of the classic 1996 FPS advergame of the same name.


We are delighted to announce that Revita will be released on April 21st on PC & Nintendo Switch!
Preorders on Nintendo Switch are coming very soon!

Two Hundred Ways

Two Hundred Ways, the sequel of the successful brain teaser One Hundred Ways, gives puzzle fans twice as many mental challenges to overcome. The mission of each of its 200 levels sounds easy: guide one or more balls to the exit. But levels with up to three different layers and numerous ball traps don’t make this task a walk in the park. Luckily, players can use dozens of tools to help them reach their goal – but using more tools means that their level score will go down…