Trailer Attack: 11th January 2022 – Queen crystal nightmare

Cannibal Cuisine

Cannibal Cuisine is coming January 25th on PS4, PS5, XBOX Series X|S and XBOX One!


Vagante is a challenging class-based roguelike platformer with emphasis on combat and support for 1-4 players local and online. The art style uses desaturated but warm colors with a bit of a gritty style, influenced by titles like Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre and Vagrant Story. In the search for an insurmountable treasure, players will face a permadeath and permanent specializations unlock system while venturing through the dangerous dungeons inhabited by fierce creatures and bosses!

The Gallery

The Gallery’ is Europe’s first interactive film/live-action video game to be released in cinemas. The audience constructs the narrative by using glow sticks to vote for the protagonist’s next move at various decision points.

Strange Horticulture

Strange Horticulture is an occult puzzle game in which you play as the proprietor of a local plant store. Find and identify new plants, pet your cat, speak to a coven, or join a cult. Use your collection of powerful plants to influence the story and unravel Undermere’s dark mysteries.

In Nightmare

Maximum Games today announced that it’s time to find a hiding spot and hope for the best, as In Nightmare will chill players to the bone when it launches on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 29, 2022. The game’s official key art was also revealed alongside the release date.

FAR: Changing Tides

Set sail for a new journey in FAR: Changing Tides, coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One X/S on March 1st.


Invaders arrived. Started taking over the world, transforming it. Pre-order now and stop them before it’s too late!

Rainbow Six Extraction

In Rainbow Six Extraction you play as an elite Operator from the Rainbow Six Universe as they attempt to thwart the efforts of a mysterious alien threat.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

A twisted wonderland of corruption and splendor, Savathûn’s Throne World plays host to a fragile balance of terrifying power. From the foundation of her glistening palace to the gnarled roots in the swamp, all that she hides can be found here. Seek the truth and learn that in this place, mystery makes its home in both the Darkness and the Light.


Expand your HUMANKIND experience with the Cultures of Africa DLC!

Forever Skies

Forever Skies is a survival-action game created by Far From Home. In Forever Skies you are a scientist returning to Earth destroyed by a global ecological disaster. You will fly a high-tech airship, expand, rebuild and repair it. Look for and scavenge resources to survive, face the dangers of the surface. Search for viral pathogens to cure a mysterious illness. The game will be coming to Early Access in 2022 and later to next-gen consoles.

Far Cry 6

Pagan is back! Become the villain as you step into the mind of Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 and battle your inner demons. Benefit from the Buddy Pass service to invite a friend and play the DLC in co-op even if your friend does not own the DLC. Pagan: Control is out now.

The Cruel King and the Great Hero

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing tunes of “Txilrcka,” one of the many enchanting tracks in The Cruel King and the Great Hero. What fantastic images and adventures come to mind when you listen to this?

Arena of Valor

Unleash the power of starlight in your matches all night.

Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection

The Ezio Collection will be available for Nintendo Switch on February 17, 2022. Experience this classic award-winning Assassin’s Creed franchise anywhere and anytime! Players will have the opportunity to become Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the most celebrated and iconic Master Assassin in the franchise. Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection invites all fans of the franchise to discover or rediscover two major opuses from the Assassin’s Creed series fully playable offline and on-the-go with Nintendo Switch.

The Crew 2

Race in 16 Bits during the Flash Back LIVE Summit!


Freshwater Frenzy is the first Deluxe Expansion for Megaquarium. It adds a brand new environment for you to explore and master – freshwater.


Uragun is an action-packed, futuristic top-down shooter. Play as a deadly-but-adorable mech unit and improvise your way out of trouble.


Is the air sizzling with red hot romance, or is that heat radiating from the hell spawns surrounding you? Stock up on candles and update your smooth jazz playlist, because The Arcade Crew and Berzerk Studio today announced you have a date with Infernax on Feb. 14, 2022. The demon-slaying retro action adventure will lay its charm on as thickly as the pixelated guts it’ll splatter across your PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on Valentine’s Day!

Crystal Clash

Crystal Clash is a mix of explosive Lane Battles and Deckbuilding – with fast-paced, easy-to-pickup tug-of-war strategy, releasing Jan 14th.

eastasiasoft Showcase #8

Join us for a look at our first scheduled releases of 2022! This special showcase covers 9 projects our eastasiasoft team is working on across Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for release in January/February and beyond, so no matter your platform of choice, you won’t want to miss this New Year preview!