Trailer Attack: 10th November 2017 – Ultra pro paladins max painkiller heroes


It’s time to unleash Hell wherever you want. DOOM is available now for Nintendo Switch! See what’s in store for you with our new launch trailer.

Cat Quest

A 2D action-RPG featuring real-time combat set in the vast open-world of Felingard, Cat Quest sends you on an epic journey to defeat the pawerful and meowsterious Drakoth, the evil catlord who kidnapped your sister and left you for dead. Safeguard the lands, defeat the minions of darkness and uncover your destiny as the Dragonblood, the last of a long-lost race of dragonslayers, in a bid to save the world of Felingard from certain catastrophe in Cat Quest.


Today, the very well received action adventure platformer Wuppo released on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live stores. A boxed PlayStation 4 version will also be available on 17 November, exclusively at GameStop.

Death Mark

Experience has released the first trailer for the PlayStation 4 version of Death Mark.

Has-Been Heroes

Has-Been Heroes, the challenging roguelike game of strategy and action from Frozenbyte and GameTrust has just received a massive free expansion pack! The expansion adds tons of new content for players to discover and includes the Trine heroes – Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief – as playable characters once you have unlocked the Epic Quest mode. The Epic Quest mode will be a true test of skill for the most veteran players as the heroes have no starting spells! Complete with custom animations (Amadeus attacks with a box!) and beautiful 2D visuals in the style of Has-Been Heroes, the Trine heroes definitely need to perform some heroic deeds to complete this quest from another universe!

Heroes of the Storm

Alexstrasza, The Life-Binder, is swooping into the Nexus! Get a sneak peek at the newest Support Hero, as well as some epic new skins, mounts, sprays, and other cosmetic items breathing fire into the Nexus soon!

Surf World Series

Wired Productions, an independent videogames publisher and developer, and Vision Games Publishing confirm that the highly anticipated, modern sports game classic, Surf World Series arrives globally today at physical retail for the PlayStation 4, with an SRP of £15.99/€19.99/$19.99.


Introducing the newest champion to join the Realm – Vivian, The Cunning! Available in the Paladins OB63 patch.


The November update for Gigantic releases next week!


Nelo is the lightning fast, out of this world, genre-blending, bullet-hell, character-action epic meticulously crafted by the loving couple at Magic & Mirrors. Play as Nelo Aukal, an advanced Zenith class alien cyborg of the Tono Gian people, and wield a vast array of weaponry with the trusted telekinetic Hands of Aphelion. Fight your way off the desolate planet Plemniba from the hostile threat of the Nightsithe, a swarm of parasitic machines created by your people. Master the reflex demanding skills of the powerful intergalactic Zenith Warrior with deep, mind-bending, breakneck gameplay that hybrids mechanics of twinstick shoot em’ ups, gravity defying run and gun, and brutal hack n’ slash melee combat. You will need these skills to survive the hostile world of Plemniba as being behind the enemy lines of the Nightsithe will not be easy even with your advanced alien technology.

Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates

Spike Chunsoft has released a new trailer for Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates showing off the game’s Danganronpa collaboration.

Dragon’s Crown Pro

The second Dragon’s Crown Pro character trailers introduces the Amazon.

Bonds of the Skies

A fantasy RPG with a story of friendship between humans and gods!

Little Nightmares 

Get ready for The Hideaway, the second chapter of Secrets of The Maw. The Runaway Kid wakes up in the engine area of The Maw, a dark and grimy place populated by Nomes. Included in the Expansion Pass of the critically-acclaimed game Little Nightmares from Tarsier Studios, The Hideaway is available today on PlayStation®Network, XboxLive store and Steam.

Pokémon Ultra Sun/Pokémon Ultra Moon

Such a powerful embrace! Witness Mimikyu’s exclusive new Z-Move in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon

Your Four Knight Princesses Training Story

Nippon Ichi Software Japan has released the trailer for Your Four Knight Princesses Training Story.


After Red Faction I and Red Faction II have been removed from the German list of media harmful to young persons (aka “ZE INDEX”) in late 2015, early 2016, respectively, THQ Nordic celebrates yet another success. Painkiller and Painkiller Battle out of Hell have been shoved off ZE INDEX in a totally violent-free manner.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Wired Productions, an independent videogames publisher and developer, and Danish development studio Flashbulb Games, confirm that the long-awaited puzzle-platformer, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is available now for the first time on PlayStation 4 in both physical and digital formats.

Ben 10

Plunge into a new intergalactic quest with Ben 10. A new video game inspired by the fan-favourite series from Cartoon Network and distributed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. As Ben Tennyson, players will encounter the universe’s most deadly enemies. Never fear though! Armed with the Omnitrix, players will discover and unlock 10 incredible alien transformations to aid them in saving the world.

The Sims 4

Create Purrfect Pets with The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs.

ACORN Tactics

Alien blobs from space are invading the Earth. It’s up to the Alien Counter Offensive Response Network (ACORN) to stop them from enacting their evil plans. Construct and customise a strike team of giant walking tanks and air drop them into combat. It’s coming soon to the Nintendo Switch.

Shooty Fruity

nDreams announce that Shooty Fruity is releasing for PSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift this December 19, 2017, priced at €19.99/$19.99/£15.99. Getting the game early will give players access to exclusive content.