Trailer Attack: 10th May 2018 – Kaboom sakuna storm death’s wild space

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate 

Capcom will release Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Switch in North America and Europe both physically and digitally on August 28 for $59.99.

Gray Dawn

Interactive Stone is finally ready to release their first-person horror game! The team of three is based in Romania and, for over 3+ years, they have gathered inspiration from their childhood stories, unexplained fears, and bedtime fairy tales to make Gray Dawn embody the fears of human nature and the need to survive.

Wild West Online

Grab a six-shooter and jump into the expansive open-world of Wild West-themed action MMO Wild West Online. Departing Early Access and launching as a full release on Steam today, Wild West Online allows players to create their own western story by partaking in activities such as a faction conflict that pits rival gangs in an ongoing territorial fight against each other, robust world exploration, expansive resource gathering and crafting, PVP combat, PVE missions with NPC quests, and much more.

Heroes of the Storm

The Lord of Terror is about to become even more terrifying! We’re implementing a series of significant talent and gameplay updates for Diablo with our next Heroes of the Storm patch. Watch this spotlight video to catch the highlights and a get a few tips.

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead

Starbreeze, Skybound Entertainment and 505 Games have released the latest cinematic character trailer for OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead, this time revealing Grant, the third playable hero from developer OVERKILL – A Starbreeze Studio’s upcoming co-op FPS. Of all the survivors we’ve met so far, Grant may be the best prepared for the apocalypse – a steely outdoorsman who left city life behind to live out his golden years in the wilderness with his trusty scoped rifle. But as we find him back in Washington, D.C., searching for his lost family, it’s clear that while the world may have changed, the hunt is the same.


If there was no tomorrow, if the end truly has come…suppose that the end of the world were to occur in the next second, what would you do?

Death’s Gambit 

Reborn by Death and bound to his service, challenge the undying guardians of Siradon and discover the true price of immortality. Death’s Gambit is coming to PS4 on August 14, 2018.

Smoke and Sacrifice

Developer Solar Sail Games has launched a new Behind-the-Scenes video featuring gameplay footage and discussions with key team members who talk about what makes Smoke and Sacrifice’s blend of narrative with survival and RPG gameplay truly compelling.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Marvelous has released the BitSummit Vol. 6 trailer for Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, the upcoming action RPG developed by Edelweiss.


En Masse Entertainment revealed today the next upcoming character to join the Wolf Dogs playable roster in Closers, the anime-styled online RPG beat ‘em up. Coming May 22, the sultry and sneaky Harpy will showcase her prowess of powerful kicks and energy-laden card attacks. The former ‘Phantom Thief’ used her newfound powers to enhance her skills as a professional thief, but was caught stealing from the Vulture Corp and coerced to be the new “shadow” of the Wolf Dogs.

Objects in Space 

Today, 505 Games and Sydney-based indie developer Flat Earth Games announce that Objects in Space (PAX Australia Indie Showcase winner and alt.ctrl GDC finalist) is coming to Early Access for PC and Mac on 21st June 2018 and Linux in late 2018.

Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers

Nintendo has released an overview trailer for Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers.

Laser League

Laser League, the arcade-style multiplayer action sport of the future from indie publisher 505 Games and BAFTA award-winning development studio Roll7, is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on PC. Offering up intense online or local multiplayer matches with friends, Laser League’s frenetic yet intuitive gameplay is easy to play but difficult to master, blending the immediate satisfaction of classic arcades with the actual and powerful multiplayer competition.


NVYVE Studios, the indie developer that brought players the utopian survival horror hit, P.A.M.E.L.A. are dropping another bomb with the over-the-top roguelite shooter, HYPERGUN. A blistering paced glance into the not-so-distant future featuring procedurally generated levels, the most questionably effective weapon humanity has ever seen, and Earth’s most heroic intern alive, Dewey Owens.


Are you looking for a thrilling adventure? Start counting down to July 5th – on exactly that day,
Anshar Studios’ Detached will come to the PlayStation VR platform and you will be able to
experience the cosmos like never before. What does an astronaut feel during a spacewalk? Thanks
to Detached, you can find out without getting out of your chair… well, almost, because the 360-
degree freedom of movement and the ability to experience weightlessness will knock your socks


Ratloop Games Canada are revving up for the launch of VROOM KABOOM with a focused reveal of each major faction in-game! Releasing on Steam, Oculus, HTC Vive, PS4, and PSVR, VROOM KABOOM asks players to pick a side in the battle to become champion of vehicular strategy. Learn more about the side you want to join forces with each week as we break down the 3 main factions in VROOM KABOOM.

Knights of Pen & Paper

Knights of Pen & Paper is a lighthearted RPG that can be played by any gamer where you control a group of players playing their characters in a tabletop RPG experience. All with classic turn-based battles, lovely pixel-art and lots of adventures. Besides the players, you are also in control of the dungeon master to create quests and tailor the difficulty of your battles to customize your RPG experience even further.  It’s now coming to PS4, Xbox One and Switch.


Brighton-based independent developers Snap Finger Click, the makers of Act It Out! and It’s Quiz Time, have just revealed the first details of their new party game, Awkward. The game is released on June 5, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam), and Nintendo Switch on June 19, priced at £9.99 / €12,99 EUR / $11.99 USD.

Sky Noon

Independent game developer Lunar Rooster and indie games partner Reverb Triple XP unveiled a new trailer to the highly-anticipated first person action brawler, Sky Noon. The new Sky Noon Abilities trailer shows off many of the unique skills granted by secondary items in the game. Cowboys in the reimagined steampunk Wild West of Sky Noon can take advantage of Jetboots to fly across the Floating Frontier, Boosters to initiate a turbo boost charge, the all-important Lasso to grab items (and enemies) from afar, and other cool toys to gain the advantage in air-powered showdowns.