Trading Standards issue DS charger recall notice

Over on their official website Trading Standards has issued a recall for a collection of dodgy chargers which were supplied as accessories for charging Nintendo DS and DS Lite and GBA’s.

Apparently, the recall comes as the rouge chargers are prone overheating and can even cause electrocution. It seems that the chargers have made their way to the UK after being imported from China in vast numbers, and they are now available on the internet and in various shops for as little as £5.

Chris Holden, senior trading standards officer at Buckinghamshire County Council, commented to the BBC that “the UK appears to be flooded with them. It probably runs into hundreds of thousands or even millions.”

According to the site the problem chargers can be identified by checking for the following product code: DE 62347066 which is marked on the black label attached. However, the other charger carries no identifying product code on the silver label and is simply called ‘Travel Charger’. On the body of the ‘Travel Charger’ the abbreviation ‘USB’ is also visible.

A few images can also be seen on the official website if you are worried. The site will also help you get in contact with the right people if you were affected