Too Human – Xbox 360 Exclusive

Too Human is to be exclusively for Xbox 360, after several platform changes. The game was originally designed for the original playstation, before being quoted as a GameCube work in progress after the developer ‘Silicon Knights’ made their bed with Nintendo.

A recent interview on IGN explained how Silicon Knights, while sharing a lot of Nintendo’s vison towards the industry, did not feel they could create the less complicated games Nintendo were pushing for. Therefore this is the result, and the game has been quickly snatched up by Microsoft as was expected.

Not only that but Too Human is now stated to be a Trilogy, meaning the game is set to become a major franchise in the future, after being worked on for soo many years.

Only details we have is that it is a futuristic game taking full advantage of the new Unreal engine running on Xbox 360.

We will post all new info as soon as its avalible.