Tony Hawk Jams on Revolution

In his preview of the June 2006 issue of Nintendo Power entitled “We Love 8-Bit”, managing editor Scott Pelland revealed that the issue would make “the announcement that Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam is coming to Revolution and initial details about the game.” We think it will be interesting and unique how the franchise will be adapted to suit the funky Revolution controller.

The issue will also contain interviews with Koji Igarashi who unveils Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS) and mastermind of pinball warfare game Odama (GameCube), Yoot Saito. in addition to those goodies and coverage of the “I am 8-Bit” exhibit, the issue will feature “a spell-casting primer for LostMagic, 25 amazing moments from New Super Mario Bros. [DS], and previews of Contact (DS) and Super Monkey Ball Adventure (GCN).”

As always, DarkZero will have the lastest news concerning Nintendo’s next generation console codenamed Revolution.

Source: Nintendo Power