Tomb Raider’s Legendary Disappearance

The Tomb Raider Legend demo was supposed to go live last night, but has yet to make an appearance. Whilst the rest of the extra’s to appear made it, such as the exclusive trailer, gamer themes and a selection of picture packs of Lara from the game and real-life Lara, Karima Adebibe made an appearance the demo is still nowhere to be seen.

Eidos made this statement on their official forums regarding the ‘non-appearance’ of the playable demo:

“We were told this was all going live last night, however apparently they only released the Trailer..

We dont control this, its all in the hands of the Marketplace team..

Hopefully they dont delay it any more

It might be that Msoft wanted to run it through some test first, or maybe they want to string it out for greater exposure. Either way, I’m thinking the demo will be there in the next few days”.