Tomb Raider: Legend – What To Expect?

Lara Croft travels the globe in search of an ancient English artifact and is pitted against rival forces led by a nemesis from her past…long thought dead.

Key Features

# Lara comes to life – the dual-pistol, wielding adventurer’s polygon count and animation set has been increased significantly, presenting Lara in the finest fidelity to date

# Return to the Tombs Lara’s new quest brings her to lost ancient realms that guard Secrets of the Past

# Fluid movement the revamped control system provides intuitive and fluid character movement

# Dynamic animation system puts focus on continuous motion, giving Lara the ability to seamlessly handle any obstacle and interact dynamically with any surface

# Move and shoot. Lara uses her physical prowess to combine gunplay with unique signature moves

# Variety of player choice – intelligently use the environment, technical gear and weapons to overcome challenging situations.

# Physics, Water and Fire systems bring the perilous environments of Lara’s world alive, and challenge the player to improvise solutions to obstacles

# Visit a vast array of cinematic & exotic locations including ancient tombs, dangerous jungles, snowy mountain ruins and numerous unexpected surprises in between!