DS to launch with 8-10 games.

USA today who seem to have printed the last few NoA announcements have gone to print with DS launch info.They state that the DS will launch with 8-10 games Incl Urbz Simz in the city, Spiderman 2 and Mario 64DS.

Mario 64 is supposed to be the same single player game as the N64 but accessible with any of Mario, Luigi Yoshi and Wario. Each having unique abilities to bring to the game so you can play it through 4 times differently. The Stylus will be used instead of an analogue stick. Also there will be a multi-tude of mini games added in too.

They also state that whilst Spiderman 2 does not take advantage of the DS’s abilities it is very graphically pleasing and in 2D. Also mentioned was a new game called Asphalt GT. Reggie Fils-Aime is commented on saying he expects every single DS unit Nintendo can produce to be sold. And at $149.99 for the unit with built in software and a demo and then games at a measly $30, well you can’t balme him for saying that now can you?

Stay tuned for the official announcement from NoA later today. We are also expecting a plethora of new screens and video’s which Darkzero will bring to you as soon as we have them.