Pocket Planes

Tiny Tower developers move onto Pocket Planes for next iOS release

Nimblebit have shown off a first look at their follow up to Tiny Tower at this years GDC, and TouchArcade are reporting on the reveal.

The site hastens to add that Nimblebit have told them the game is still very much a work in progress, and a lot could change before its eventual release.

The game in question is called Pocket Planes, and on first look it seems to share a lot with the developers previous release – the much loved Tiny Tower.

The same time management systems seem to be included, and the game looks to share the same graphical styling too. However, there is supposed to be much more meat to the game this time around. This includes a more varied range of managment options and choices on how to expand your services than was on show in Tiny Tower.

In-app purchases are still on show in this one too, meaning you can buy coins to build quicker, or choose to solider on at a slower rate if you want the game to remain completly free.

The game is expect to be released this Summer. Hopefully Zynga wont wont have already ripped it of by that point.