TimeSplitters 3

Free Radical have confirmed that TimeSplitters 3 WILL be coming to PS2 sometime in the not so near future, as it has an expected release date of 2005 at present.

However, there are some drastic changes. For starters, it will not be published by the same people as TS2 (Eidos), but instead be published by EA.

“Free Radical has proven itself as a world-class studio by delivering consistently beautiful, exciting and incredibly fun games. We are thrilled to be working with Free Radical and to be adding a new title to our growing catalogue.” said an EA spokesman.

Free Radical have also promised us “improved gameplay, unprecedented graphics and,” (thank God), “online play”.

Personally, it’s looking rosy for EA and Free Radical. With online play, better graphics, and better gameplay, this should be a hit.