TimeShift Gets Solid Date In US

After quite some time Vivendi have finally decided that it is time to announce a US release date for TimeShift. It’s about time, we say! The company announced that the time that TimeShift will be hitting US shores will be 30th October this year, which is just time for Halloween. Also, apparently the PS3 version of will need some extra time in developed as its release will come sometime later at a unspecified time in December.

If you have not been keeping up with the life and times of TimeShift then you probably don’t know that back during the crazy times of 2005 the game was supposed to be released at the hands of Atari. However, since then, time has been kind to TimeShift and a huge number of changes have been made.

TimeShift is still scheduled for a fourth quarter of 2007 release in Europe, and Vivendi have not taken the time to give us a solid date.