ThreeSpeech Dates New PSN Games

The semi official blog type entity that is Threespeech has revealed that three more titles are on the way to the PlayStation Network over the next few months. Their names are Calling all Cars which will hit on the 18th May, Nucleus on 25th May and Super Stardust HD on June 15th.

You probably already have heard of Calling All Cars as David Jaffe will just not shut up about it. The title is quite similar to one of his other games Twisted Metal but is cel-shaded and played form a top-down 3/4 perspective. The idea of the game is to capture a loose criminal while battling against 3 other cops trying to bring him down. The game features online and split-screen play.

Next up is Nucleus, which you may believe is a collection of protons and neutrons in the center of an atom that carries the bulk of the atom’s mass and positive charge, but in it’s video game form it is something very different. Nucleus (the game) is in fact very similar to the other PSN title Blast Factor. In the game you play as a microscopic remote-controlled craft where you shoot at bloodstreams with proteins and bacteria – it’s all very weird really. Music in the game is provided by Rephlex’s Bogdan Raczynski.

Finally there is the lovely sounding Super Stardust HD, which is also all about a spacecraft and tasks you with shooting stuff. In the game you control a tiny spacecraft that hovers over planet and them you destroy everything in sight with your ships three different weapons. The three weapons are very different from each other and as you would expect from such a game boss battles are involved as you advance through the different stages!