Three Offers You Cannot Refuse

With a month until Electronic Art’s The Godfather hits retail shelves, speaking to BBC News, executive producer David DeMartini revealed that EA may just look to make many more games based off the movie franchise.

We went into this venture taking into consideration the establishment of a brand new franchise. Our intention is to make two and three.” When taking into consideration the amount of money EA has invested into the game, to get the likenesses and voices of Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall and James Caan, in addition to a massive advertising campaign, it comes to no surprise to hear that EA plans to make more games based on the property. In fact, EA’s intention is to dethrone Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series as the ultimate gangster gaming series.

We wanted to make a category leader that would give significant competition to the GTA game and basically would provide a very formidable alternative.

We found a tremendous number of things that they were doing well that we tried to match. And then some very specific opportunities for innovation and enhancements that should establish us as the leader in those areas.

The Godfather will see a release for the PS2, Xbox and PC on March 24th.

Source GamersMark