Three My Chemical Romance Songs Available For GHII

Just when the world and its mother were all getting ready for GHIII and Rock Band, Activision have gone and surprised everyone by releasing three brand new songs for Guitar Hero II on the 360, which are all available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace right now.

However, the new pack will definitely be a love it or hate it affair as all the tracks are by one band, My Chemical Romance. If you are still reading this news after that revelation then you might be interested to hear that the pack, which goes by the catchy name “Track Pack 4”, will contain the following master tracks from the group, “Teenagers,” “Famous Last Words” and “This is How I Disappear”. The pack will cost you 500 Microsoft Points, should you feel like downloading it.

This is the first time Activision have made some brand new songs available for download for GHII since its April release earlier this year. Hopefully the trend will continue with GHIII come its release later this year.