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Three Fields, a studio of ex-Criterion staffers, to start work on a driving game

Do you know of Three Fields Entertainment? They are a studio composed of a bunch of ex-Criterion Games staffers, including Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry. Do you know of them? Ward and Sperry both founded Criterion Games in January 2000, a studio that went on to create many great games, a whole bunch of them were driving games, and many went under the name Burnout. Do you know of Burnout? You probably do, otherwise why did you click on this news item?

The good news is that Alex Ward, Fiona Sperry, Paul Ross (the lead programmer of Burnout Paradise),  a bunch of other lead developers, coders and designers from Criterion’s past, and some brand new fresh faces, will at some point be working on a driving game. That’s a good bunch of people! Development will presumably start in 2016, so says Twitter.

Currently Three Fields are working on another game right now, which according to their official site is “an innovative new twist on a sports game that’s fast, funny and heavy on social multiplayer.” That game is set for a Spring 2016 release. It’s an original new game, not a rejiggering of an old property, and that game will also not be driving or racing related.

This kinda stuff happened a lot in Burnout, lets hope it makes it's way into the new game!

There’s no screens of Three Fields new game yet. This stuff happened a lot in Burnout, lets hope it makes its way into the new game!

Three Fields own Twitter account comments that the as yet unnamed, highly nebulous driving game will be “[a] spiritual successor,” with a focus on “Speed. Traffic. And Crashing. Lots and lots of crashing.” If you’ve ever played Burnout, that sounds a lot like Burnout. It sound so much like Burnout they should call the new game Outburn, and hope to not get sued.

If you liked Burnout, and are unhappy with the current arcade racing efforts, then rejoice as the minds that brought it into existence might make something like it in the future. If they are only starting work in 2016, that would mean we will not see this one for a very long time.

A dog called Piper also works at Three Fields, he would not reply when asked to comment.