THQ start Euro Red Faction demo key promotion

THQ have kicked-off their demo key promotion for Red Faction: Guerrilla, and are now offering the single player demo to members of myTHQ on This means you have be a member of the site to get one, which means filling out a few forms for about two minutes.

Once you’re a member you can go to the redemption page, and pick if you want to grab the demo on PS3 or 360 – both are available in limited numbers.

The codes are Euro only, so if you are from the US you will have problems. If so, your best bet is to make a Euro PSN account, and download it that way. Same goes with 360 on Xbox Live, but it is a bit more complicated as you have to have a Euro/UK email.

The full game is not out until mid-June, so you’ll have some solid time to judge the demo, which weights in at770MB, to see if you should buy or not.