THQ Bringing Yet Another FPS To Xbox360

Earlier today the first bullet trails of information streaked in regard to yet another FPS for the Xbox360. This one is from THQ and is entitled Frontline: Fuels Of War. Rumours suggest that its being developed by the recently formed Kaos Studios (which is made up of former Trauma Studio employees, known for their work on the both the Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat and Battlefield 2 itself), and is an urban warfare game set in the near future.

Playing as either the Western Coalition (USA and Europe) or Red Star (Russia and China), players will be offered some 60 odd weapons and vehicles with a strong emphasis on co-op and multiplayer games. Of course there is a single player campaign too, and in keeping with the titles moniker an in-game mechanic of advancing your whole army forwards, rather than capturing random spawn, is also one of the innovations rumoured to be included.

As yet there is still official word on a release date for the title so don’t expect it to hit stores till 2007 at the earliest but maybe something will be shown as E3!