THQ Announce Plans For Red Faction III

As part of their quarterly earnings call earlier today (Wednesday), THQ have confirmed that a brand new Red Faction game is in the works. The report cites that the company have revealed than the game will not be available until next fiscal year – which is Q2 2008 to Q1 2009 – and seeing as the announcement was just part of an earnings call no big details were announced about the game – apparently the big wigs at companies don’t really care about that! However, what we do know is that the game is in development at Volition – of Saints Row fame – and will most likely be a multi-platform title.

If the last two games in the series were anything to go by then we are sure the premiere feature of the game, its Geo-Mod technology, will make a return, which will hopefully let players destroy much more of the environments than ever before. Also, thinking back, the 2002 release of Red Faction II had four different endings, so it should be interesting to see which one the developers decide to continue the story from.