Thompson Slams Bully’s ‘Homosexual Acts’

Jack Thompson has once again put pen to paper to hit out at boy-on-boy kissing scenes in Canis Canem Edit (Bully). This time Thompson claims such scenes break U.S. law.

He writes: “It turns out that the school violence simulation game Bully also contains homosexual activity between the game’s hero, Jimmy Hopkins, and other male students,It is my legal opinion that the sale of this game to minors, which is presently occurring at your stores in Florida, violates Florida’s ‘Sexual Material Harmful to Minors Statute,’ Florida Statute 847.102. Each such sale to a minor constitutes a separate felony. Such sales are occurring to children of all ages because of the game’s wholly inappropriate ‘Teen’ rating, as opposed to the ‘Mature’ rating it deserves.

He rambles on “I already have pending a Florida lawsuit to stop the sale of Bully to minors, and now that we know that it contains not only high levels of unpunished violence but also homosexual acts the lawsuit will be amended to proceed against it and some of you who are defendants therein on these dual grounds. I suggest strongly that all of you cease and desist all such sales in the United States immediately.”

We will be back with more Jack Thompson related rants as soon as he gets the urge to add more grey hairs to his head in coming weeks… I am sure he’ll find something wrong with Vice City Stories.