Thompson Accuses Penny Arcade that is!

Jack Thompson is back in Florida and is eager to get to the bottom of his harassment by what he says are “Penny Arcade operatives”.

One of the events was committed right in Thompson’s neighbourhood. Someone had delivered flyers to every door in Thompson’s neighbourhood reading “Dear neighbor of Jack Thompson,” followed by a satirical mockery of Thompson’s position on violence, “What is trick-or-treating, other than a very immersive violence simulation?“. The flyer later goes on to reference the Penny Arcade ordeal in detail and concludes with a signature by “A proud citizen who could not afford being sued into silence by Jack Thompson.

In Thompson’s story to GamePolitics, Thompson states “…it turns out that Penny Arcade is in quite a bit of trouble. Turns out that one of their operatives in my neighborhood went door to door with a Penny Arcade flyer, and that has gotten PA into a whole heap of trouble. Trust me. Also, a kid in Katy, Texas threatened to kill me because of the PA self-immolation, and that has been more than useful. Trust me on that as well.

I’m a Christian so, Joseph’s having told his brothers “What you intended for harm, God used for good.” So it is with the sociopaths at Penny Arcade. They lied about what I said about the donation to a charity. They set their pixelantes on me, and they got caught, bigtime. My, my, my what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive. I would much rather be me than PA right now. Trust me on that, too.

Another recent threat against Thompson was by “a kid in Katy, Texas” who had threatened to kill Thompson. Jack has forwarded details about both instances to John McKay, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington.

Source GamePolitics