The Witcher 3 Expansions Artwork

CD Projekt Red revealed two pieces of artwork for The Witcher 3’s upcoming expansions in their financial report, which was also detailing the games budget and sales figures. I’ll stick both pictures down below. The first one is from this October’s expansion pack “Hearts of Stone.” There’s not a whole lot to see here bar Geralt standing with a sword, although it looks like his hands were tied up and he just cut through the rope. Hearts of Stone is meant to last for around ten hours as Geralt ventures into No Man’s Land and Oxenfurt in a search for the Man of Glass.

TW3 Hearts of Stone

Next up is some artwork for the games second expansion “Blood and Wine” which is due in the first quarter of 2016. The image shows Geralt and his trusty steed, Roach, approaching what looks like a new city. Blood and Wine will give you around another twenty hours with Geralt as he explores a new in-game region called Toussaint. Unlike the areas in the main game Toussaint is untainted by war and carries a carefree atmosphere. However, all is not good in this new area as an ancient and bloody secret is being covered up.

TW3 Blood and Wine

CD Project Red have taken a stance against developers charging for small amounts of DLC by releasing sixteen pieces of free DLC since the game launched, the final piece to be released was a new game plus feature for the game. The two significant expansion packs mentioned above cost €30 between them or you can net them both with the games expansion pass for €25, not bad for 30 hours of content. The financial report stated that the game sold six million copies in its first six weeks and is still selling well, while it took around 306 million PLN to make the game (that’s around 72.4 million in euros).