The wait is over – Ragnarok Odyssey now on PSN store in Europe for Vita

As a Monster Hunter fan, I was waiting for news on when Ragnarok Odyssey would arrive for us European gamers after launching in US at the end of October 2012. This is because I like to sap up anything good or bad that bases itself on Monster Hunter, and finally I can, because the three month plus wait for Ragnarok Odyssey is finally over, as the game is now available on the PSN store to buy and download to your PlayStation Vita for £24.99.

Ragnarok Odyssey features a robust multiplayer mode — players aren’t forced to go their journey alone, and are encouraged to recruit up to four friends to get together for chaotic and action-packed ad-hoc and online cooperative play. When a particularly difficult boss shows up, players can always count on their friends to help them through a tough fight.

Sure sounds like a Monster Hunter, and online as well! Be sure to keep an eye on darkzero, as we will have a review for the game on the site sometime in the near future. Till then, time for me to suit up in my armour and start killing some beasts. See you on the otherside.