The ultimate Mario Party hits the GBA/SP

24th August 2004 – Join Mario and friends in this new action packed adventure to earn coins in exciting mini games and buy Professor E. Gadd’s wonderful gaddgets. With over 60 mini games, two player battles and trading opportunities, Mario and friends are back for the ultimate portable party. Perfectly in time for Christmas, Mario Party Advance launches across Europe for Game Boy Advance on 3rd December 2004.

Players take it in turns in this party game to move around the board maps in Adventure Mode with the goal of discovering mini games and collecting coins. Players can then use these coins to unlock gadgets such as detectors, compatibility meters and other strange and fascinating devices. By placing a finger on the Finger X-Ray to see what’s hidden inside, or by using the Compatibility Meter to see how well friends match up, players can transport the game play to a whole new level.

Players can choose from many favourite Nintendo characters such as Luigi, Yoshi, Peach and Koopa Kids. With the all-new multiplayer battle games, players can enjoy playing together, battling against each other, trade mini games, gaddgets and coins. This game guarantees hours of fun and is an ideal Christmas gift for all the family.

Mario Party Advance takes all the fun of the home console and puts it in your hands. Mario Party Advance launches across Europe on 3rd December 2004 and is available at the estimated retail price of around 40 Euros.

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