The “REVOLUTION” is COMING… New details!!

Source CVG

“Just how revolutionary is Nintendo’s Revolution going to be? Already we’ve heard whispers of tilt-sensitive controllers, wireless connectivity with GBA 2, and a whole new way of playing games that relies on feel.

We’re so eager to speculate because Nintendo has been keen to point out that it’s working on something totally different to what we expect from a games console. Now recent comments by the Japanese giant’s head of PR have put the rumour cat in amongst the speculative pigeons once again.

Speaking to Japanese website ITmedia, Nintendo’s chief of public relations Ken Toyota revealed a few snippets of info about how he was planning to promote the enigmatic new console to the public. “We don’t have the slightest intention of making a machine that follows the same path as conventional game hardware,” said Toyota-san, whirring our speculation gears into action.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait to long for the truth. “E3 will be the starting point for the Revolution,” Toyota-san said, echoing earlier reports that the next-gen machine would turn up in LA in May. “It remains undecided whether we will show the real machine, videos, or unveil the concept. Right now, we are thinking of how we can accurately convey to people at E3 the different path that the Revolution will take and how it will change the way that games will be enjoyed.”

Toyota-san also spoke of his worry that showing too much of the Revolution’s new features could cause Sony or Microsoft to snatch ideas. “We want to receive some level of feedback from consumers,” he said, “but releasing too much information is also another issue.”

Nintendo seems determined to turn the way we play games upside down. It’s widely expected that the Revolution will include innovative gameplay features similar to the DS’s touchscreen and microphone, and a recent “tip-off” received gave the following clue about the next-gen console’s revolutionary feature “Touching is good but feeling is better.”

What remains to be seen is whether Nintendo’s unique approach to gaming will win them mass-market support in the upcoming battle with Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 2. All three consoles are expected to debut at E3, so we’ll bring you all the statistics and impressions from there.”