The results are in!

Each judge had to vote for their top 3 in order of preference. The numbers were then added up to reach an overall score that was sorted to find the top 5 overall entries. Judges were advised to try and balance innovation, technical skill, style and usability but in the end had the freedom to vote for who they thought was the most deserving.

1st place = 3 pts
2nd place = 2 pts
3rd place = 1 pts

Top 5 members on points

Migraine = 19
DeltaTri = 14
ash_lee392 = 6
rizz = 4
Surrealist = 3

Therefore Migraine is the deserved winner of an imported GameCube version of Donkey Konga and a Freeloader. Thanks to everyone who entered and if you did not win this time around there is always next time! I suspect you will not have to wait too long for another opportunity to win something here on DarkZero. The winner will be shortly contacted via e-mail.

Here is the winning entry!

If you want to see it in full size please click the links
Image 1 High Resolution | Image 2 High Resolution

Of course you will want to check out some of the other entries too, so here is a list for you to choose from

Runner up DeltaTri3