The Red Star Will Be Making A Comeback This August

Two years after Acclaim went under, The Red Star is finally set for release on the PlayStation 2. A representative of XS Games today confirmed to GameSpot that the publisher has picked up the rights to the title, and is tentatively planning on distributing it to retailers in early August. When asked on the release of a possible Xbox version of the game, it was revealed that publisher is examining the possibility of releasing it, but at this point “it could go either way.

For those not familiar with the title it is based on the critically acclaimed, award-winning and ground-breaking comic of the same name. The game boast itself as a high-adrenaline action game that takes the player into a chaotic world of brutal warfare set in a Russian inspired parallel universe! Power your way through massive battles – Take up arms in Revolution – Wield the epic might of Military Industrial Sorcery!

Anyone who played the demo that was released just weeks before Acclaim went down should be happy with this news.