The Outfit Multiplayer Demo Coming 3rd March

According to the mind-bendingly great IGN, a multiplayer demo of the Outfit will be hitting Xbox Live in March. You’ll be able to choose either axis or allies and fight in the Strategic Victory mode. The goal will be to capture certain areas on the map so that you may earn Field Units such as gun emplacements and tanks.

Here are the full details coming straigh from the mouth of THQ


Combining intense squad based combat with the freedom of total destruction – The Outfit takes players behind enemy lines to battle the Nazi War Machine. In addition to an epic single player campaign – players will be able to battle it out via the game’s multiplayer mode – choosing between a variety of Co-Op and Team-Based Multiplayer game types including Deathmatch, Destruction and Strategic Victory.

The Outfit multiplayer demo will provide the players of the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft with a great sample of the intense multiplayer experience (Strategic Victory) available in the final game – with up to 8 players battling to secure command points and strategic objectives throughout the map for their side. Players will choose their side (Axis or Allies) – then choose between 3 playable squad leaders – each with their own skills and abilities, working together with other team-mates to win the match.

In addition to a variety of playable squad leaders, the Multiplayer Demo includes the game’s unique Destruction on Demand feature – enabling players to call in reinforcements ranging from troops, tanks, guns and heavy artillery to air-strikes – into the battle to instantly increase their firepower.

Demo Details

Availability – Launch Date 3rd March 2006 (via Xbox Live online gaming service) / OXM.
Announcement Date February 15th, 2006
Demo Content German version with the level of violence approved for all territories
Players/ Multiplayer Connection Up to 8 Players via Xbox Live, or 2 Players (1vs1) via Split Screen
Languages English with FIGS, Korean and Japanese sub-titles
Estimated File Size 500 MB

Level overview
Name Estate Assault
Game Type Strategic Victory


– After a coordinated offensive – Allied Command has commandeered a French villa just across the river from the Axis HQ.

– Choose your side (Allies or Axis) and squad leader to play (3 from either side; 6 total) and lead your squad into battle to destroy the enemy’s HQ, while defending your own.

– Capture strategic points located throughout the map to earn Field Units (F.U.s) – that can be used on the fly to call in Destruction on Demand – air-dropped into the action at any time. Everything can be called in from tanks, jeeps and half-tracks to squad reinforcements, machine gun nests, anti-tank guns and even air-strikes on enemy positions.