The Guide To End All The Guides

Unless you have been living under a rock, you ill know that Europe is edging closer to the first ever release of the mega selling Dragon Quest on these shores. Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King is due out on April the 14th for lucky PS2 owners. Now, we all know how much there is to do in these sort of games, so it might be an idea to get yourself a guide. Not just any guide, the Official Guide.

The guide has been produced by Piggyback, having already done guides for the Metal Gear series, Final Fantasy series and Pro Evolution, its safe to say they know a thing or two. The Guide took 6 months to make and will have all the same quality we have come to expect from the guys at Piggyback. The guide will be out around the time of the game, until then here’s a shot to get you excited.