The Getaway PS3 in pre-production


We can’t say we were ever huge fans of the PS2 Getaway games, as they lacked in many areas in terms of gameplay. However, their effort to try and offer gamers some solid British Gangster videogaming was a welcome one. We just wish it came off better than it did.

Nevertheless, it now seems as if Sony’s London Studio will be getting another chance to impress, as the PS3 version of the game has finally been confirmed to be pre-production, and is being currently worked on at the studio.

The Guardian reports that “A small team is working on pre-production for the next iteration of The Getaway” at the moment. In the future they will apparently be “joined by the bulk of the Eight Days team when the latter is completed.

If you have not heard, Eight Days is a similarly styled action game that the studio are also working on, but it also remains rather mysterious at this time.

Hopefully the studio will make a better effort this time, and deliver something like Get Carter and The Long Good Friday in virtual form this time round.

Regardless, the fact Sony are working on the game is great news in our opinion, as the lack of info since the game was demonstrated in May 2005 at E3 was disappointing.

We still have a long wait though.