The Gameplay Mode Available In Tetris DS

Tetris DS will have players humming along as their thumbs move at lightning speed. On March 20, Tetris DS launches exclusively for Nintendo DS with six game modes, each themed with classic Nintendo characters and remixed classic Nintendo music. The new ways to play reignite the addictive
passion of one of the most popular games of all time.

Players can connect to Nintendo WiFi Connection, Nintendo’s wireless gaming service, or choose one of six other ways to play

Mission In this Legend of Zelda-themed mode, players race the clock to complete the missions that appear on the top screen before time runs out.

Catch In this Metroid-themed mode, players try to land Tetriminos (falling blocks) on any side of an ever-growing floating pile of Tetriminos. Once players complete a 4-by-4 square, the Tetrimino will explode in all directions and earn points.

Puzzle Players solve up to 200 tricky Tetris puzzles at their own pace with the help of just a few Tetriminos provided. Players tap the orientation they want to use and then the Tetrimino will automatically fall into place as Yoshi monitors the action.

Standard This Mario-themed mode features the same addictive game play that made the original Tetris so wildly popular. Players guide Tetriminos and form horizontal lines to clear them away. Mario runs around Super Mario Bros. levels in the background.

Touch This unique Balloon Fight-themed take on Tetris really shows off the touch-screen capability of Nintendo DS. Players use a stylus to drag and move a giant stack of A new

Push The goal of this multiplayer Donkey Kong-themed mode is to clear two lines at a time to push the group of Tetriminos into an opponent’s red zone. Players can’t let their own Tetriminos build up too high, or it’s game over.