Tony Hawk Up In The Sky Flying

The fantastic insight of Tony Hawk tells us only FPS games sell nowadays

In a recent interview with IGN, Tony Hawk has commented that today’s game market is very restrictive – and only really FPS games sell.

Tony obviously missed out on the likes of Mass Effect 3, Fez, Angry Birds, the Pokemon series, Motorstorm RC, and Minecraft that all reportedly have sold bucketloads on their respective platforms.

Hawk comments; “When our game was hitting really hard there were roughly 10-15 top games that were go-tos. Now there are only three or four that are the standard. If you’re not a first-person shooter at this point you’re kind of struggling. If you’re not Call of Duty, you’re not Halo, it’s super tricky out there.

Tony Hawk’s recent games have not been very good – with the recent Shred and Ride needing a plastic peripheral to play. However, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD is coming soon which will sell for 1200MP on Xbox Live (and the equivalent in £/€/$ on PSN).

The upcoming release has at least got fans all chatty, which should improove things for the waning franchise. Tony is also excited.

Now we can do it as digital content and make it that much less expensive. We’re releasing this game for $15, which is totally unheard of for a big franchise game,” Hawk comments on the upcoming release – which will hit in July.