The DS Breaks The 200k Mark In UK

Following its record breaking UK launch of 87,000 units in two days, the Nintendo DS continues its phenomenal sales success with UK gamers having snapped up over 200,000 units of the dual screen handheld console in just over six weeks since launch.

The success in the UK follows in the wake of exceptional sales in the US and Japan where over 3 million Nintendo DS units have been sold worldwide since launch.

David Yarnton, General Manager, Nintendo UK said
The launch of Nintendo DS in the UK continues to be an unprecedented success; Gamers new and old have embraced the Nintendo DS and have left no doubt that it is the new must have handheld console! Nintendo set out to create a new way of hand-held gaming, offering an innovative and enjoyable experience and with the new Nintendo DS, and we have certainly accomplished this.’

James Honeywell, UK Product Manager for Handheld Consoles said,
We are extremely pleased with the success of the Nintendo DS and will continue to watch with excitement as it fulfils its obviously huge potential. It is great to see that British gamers, like their Japanese and American counterparts, can recognise a revolutionary new console when they see it!