Anne Diamond ‘reviews’ games for Daily Mail

Most of the mainstream press have been responding to the Byron review in somewhat unsensationalistic fashion, and at times even showing they seem to know what they are talking about. However, The Daily Mail has stood out from the bunch to show how shallow they are with this article – in which irrelevant ‘celebrity’ Anne Diamond gives her opinions on a load of stuff she knows nothing about.

If the sheer stupidity of the publication hiring someone that knows nothing about the topic at hand to talk publicly about it does not annoy you, then the fact that many idiotic quotes from the women are included should get to you a bit more.

You can pretty much guess how the article reads without even looking at it, but it’s worth checking out purely for the bit where she says no-one should be allowed to play Resident Evil 4 and her use of the phrase “a martial artist in the fantasy Ninja-style mode“.

This game shouldn’t be allowed to be sold even to adults. It wallows in violence for violence’s sake,” comments Diamond when speaking on Resident Evil 4. As she continues to ‘review’ games she seemingly bases most of her conjecture on hearsay and speculation. Then for the final straw an image with a caption underneath it that read “Harmful: A Government-commissioned report says that video games can desensitise children to violence” is shown. Now, we have no real problem with that statement, but the fact that the image shows two children playing Mario Kart 64 somewhat diminishes it effectiveness.

If you do not know who Anne Diamond is then you are not missing that much as she has never been that important, participating in many TV shows that were cancelled, and cheating when she appeared on a Celebrity Fit Club show. In addition, she is currently a stand in for Vanessa Feltz on some radio show, good god that must be depressing.

Also, judging by the image they used to coincide with the piece it seems the publication cannot even use Photoshop correctly. Make sure to double-check that the above image is actually from the article, and we didn’t make it ourselves as a joke.

The comments on the article are surprisingly sensible, with most people agreeing that age ratings don’t do a huge amount, and it’s up to the parents to keep an eye on what their kids are playing. But, this being the Daily Mail, you’ll still get the odd gem, like this one from a Mrs. Gail Sykes:

It’s about time too. We don’t need to sell violence to children or adults. I think some of the films that are made are too violent and why anybody wants to watch something that’s violent is beyond me. Ban the lot of them.”

Right on, Gail!