The Club Demo Coming To 360 Soon

Back a few weeks ago – in a hazy days of the DarkZero Writers Strike – Sega released a demo of the Bizarre Games developed The Club on the PlayStation Store. The demo itself weighed in at 1.7GB and gave gamers an interesting look at the games unique take on the high score based shooting action.

Now, almost two weeks on since the PS3 debut of the game Sega have announced that Xbox Live owners will also be getting a look at the game, as an identical demo will be making it way onto the 360 very soon – tomorrow 8th January in fact.

In the demo two of the game main mode will be given a run out, with both Sprint and Time Attack modes featuring. Then, soon after, the full version is due out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on 8th February. We will review those for you unless current talks break down and the strike brings the industry to its veritable knees once again.

NB: The DarkZero Writers’ Strike is a fictional occurrence made up by me trying to mask the minuscule amount of news we’ve posted lately – as if you did not already know!