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thatgamecompany to move beyond Playstation platforms for next effort

thatgamecompany, the developers of flOw, Flower, and the upcoming Journey (which is set for release March 14 – OMG hype!!) – has revealed they are currently “negotiating” plans to bring thier games to a wider audience.  The developer had a three game deal with Sony, which will end once Journey releases.

Right now we are very much exploring ways to bring our games to a bigger audience, beyond just PlayStation,” Journey developer Jenova Chen told Push Square in a recent interview. “We are still in the process of negotiating, but I hope that we can announce it [soon]. But right now it’s still in the process,” he continued.

No other details were given about what the contract expiring means. It is not known if both flOw and Flower will remain Sony exclusives, or if thatgamecompany could now port those to other platforms. It is probably more likely that those games will remain locked to the Playstation brand, and their future games will be released “beyond just PlayStation.”

That reminds me, I am down for a iOS Flower. Someone make that quickly!