Tetris DS NiWiFi Site Launches

Nintendo’s official NiWiFi site has launched an area for the hotly anticipated Tetris DS game. There’s nothing really there yet besides a few pictures and this statement

“[i]The greatest puzzle game of all time is reborn through Wi-Fi! Challenge your friends and others from around the world in an exciting new way. Time to get off your block and get online!

Log on with Tetris DS and dig in for some puzzling head-to-head action via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. When you’re ready to take a break from your block battles, come to the Tetris DS gaming hub and see how you rank against other players. Whether you’re competitive or casual, you’ll find a way to reconnect with the most popular puzzle game in history!

Take on up to three others in the Standard Tetris DS game or duel an opponent in the tug-of-war battle that is Push Mode. Both come to life with classic Nintendo themes and will challenge you to be the master of the online domain![/i]”

Source Kotaku