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Terraria Wii U goes big on gamepad

We’ve been waiting for Terraria Wii U for some time. With the 3DS version performing well, the obvious next step is Nintendo’s home console. First hands on with the game reveals an impressive use of the Gamepad and some neat multi-player features.

Here the developers have been spending the extra time honing the Gamepad controls. As you can see in the video here, the combination of a large touch screen and the main TV view works well with map, inventory and accurate building options included in the Wii U game.

The game will also innovate when it comes to multi-player. Not only can you do two-players across the Gamepad and TV (each having their own screen) but you can also use the original Wii Remotes for a four player option. What’s more you can take all four of these players online to battle or co-operate with other teams of four. This will be popular for families.

Finally we have it confirmed that Terraria Wii U will retain parity with the other consoles. This will launch at v1.2.3 with the addition of fishing and minecarts. Further updates will be forthcoming and will be free for existing owners of the game.

There is still no firm date for Terraria on Wii U but we expect it to be early this year.