Terraria EU PS3 release date 15th May

The popular PC game from 2011, Terraria (wait is that Te-rare-ria or Te-rah-ria?) was recently released on the XBLA worldwide and PSN only in the US, receiving an incredible 9/10 in its DarkZero review. Finally it’s coming to Europe and Australia on the 15th May, much recently that originally thought. With a Vita release in the Summer it looked like we might have to wait until then to get our hands on it, but fortunately that’s not the case.

Terraria is an excellent experience both single and multi-player and will keep you captivated for literally 100s of hours. It’s a game about exploration, discovery and fast-paced action and now it’s finally coming to us via the PSN. I, personally, was a huge fan of the PC version and racked up an unseemly number of playtime hours, still never even defeating the final boss. I’ll definitely be picking this up on release day and starting my quest again with all new console-exclusive items, weapons, enemies and boss battles.