Terminator Salvation achievements are easy-peasy lemon squeezy

We had some really good achievement names thought up for Terminator Salvation. “Stay here. I’ll be back” was one, you’d get this for pausing the game for 5 minutes and then starting again. “Get down” was another, you’d get this for getting into cover 100 times. “Come with me if you wanna live!” was yet another one, this was for playing the whole game in co-op. “Hasta la vista, baby” was the last, which you get for killing 1000 enemies.

However, it seems GRIN did not use too much imagination, as the achievements for Terminator Salvation are rather pointless. The full list is as follows:

  • L.A. 2016 (80 )
    Complete Chapter 1 – L.A. 2016 on any difficulty
  • Thank Heaven (80)
    Complete Chapter 2 – Thank Heaven on any difficulty
  • New Acquaintances (80)
    Complete Chapter 3 – New Acquaintances on any difficulty
  • The Sights (80)
    Complete Chapter 4 – The Sights on any difficulty
  • Underground (80)
    Complete Chapter 5 – Underground on any difficulty
  • Into the Wild (80)
    Complete Chapter 6 – Into the Wild on any difficulty
  • Angie (80)
    Complete Chapter 7 – Angie on any difficulty
  • Every life is sacred (80)
    Complete Chapter 8 – Every life is sacred on any difficulty
  • For the Resistance (80)
    Complete Chapter 9 – For the Resistance on any difficulty
  • Seasoned Commander (100)
    Complete the Game – Become a commander on Medium difficulty
  • Veteran Commander (180)
    Complete the Game – Become a commander on Hard difficulty