Clem Walking Dead

Telltale tease The Walking Dead: Season 2 – Clementine will remember that

The guys and gals at Telltale are starting the hype machine for the Walking Dead: Season 2. No solid news on the season yet – but it is coming very soon they’ll have you know.

Having no news does not stop us from speculating though, and based on the teaser image (see below) Clementine might be back, as her iconic hat is prominent in the image. Although we just noticed the hat has splatters of blood just now – which is bad. Oh my god, she might be hurt! Telltale you bastards! We must save Clementine! Release Season 2 so we can save her! What if she died? They would not do that, would they? Dreadful sorry, Clementine.


If you cannot wait for more Walking Dead, you could always read the ongoing comic (which has words), look at season 4 of the TV show (which seems slow paced, but has talking), play some of that other Telltale game (which is good, but has nothing to do with The Walking Dead), play the Activision licenced game (which may be worse than an actual zombie apocalypse),  or create your own fan-fiction (which is not weird, really).