Tekken 6 coming to 360 as well

News coming out of TGS seems to hint that the 360 will also be getting some Tekken 6 action come the games release. A video that was recently upload to Gamespot sees the game director comment the title will “be coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Fall 2009.”

The video where the director confirms the existence of the 360 version has now been removed from Gamespot, but it is likely it will be put back up later today, when both Namco and MS announce the game – which will most likely happen at the TGS conference.

The Tekken series is now 14 years old, and has found quite a nice home with Sony over those years. In fact, the only other time Tekken ventured away from a Sony branded console was with the release if Tekken Advance, which was released in for the GBA in 2001.

Although this news is not as big as the Final Fantasy 13 reveal that came a few months back, it should still turn out to be a huge talking point for fans of both consoles.