Tecmo Koei Feature

Tecmo Koei America reveals TGS 2012 lineup

A press release this afternoon confirmed what games Tecmo Koei will he showing at the Tokyo Game show this week, September 20th-23rd.

There are four confirmed titles, all games of which we’ve been aware for some time:

  • DEAD OR ALIVE 5 – the game’s sterling cast includes not only stars from the DOA series but also select fighters from the iconic Virtua Fighter series.
  • Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2
  • DYNASTY WARRIORS 7 Empires – includes all the characters from Dynasty Warriors 7 and Dynasty Warriors 7 Extreme Legends.
  • WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Hyper – features characters from other popular titles such as Ninja Gaiden, Warriors: Legends of Troy, Bladestorm, and Dead or Alive. Confirmed for the Wii U.

While not a hefty lineup in terms of numbers, it’s one that plays to the company strengths – massive battles, chaos, and replayability like few games can offer. We’re looking forward to seeing these games in action.