Tales of Vesperia coming to PS3 too

Update: Namco has since updated the list, commenting that the listing of the PS3 version was a “mistake.” We don’t know if we believe them though. Maybe they are just not ready to announce the PS3 version yet, or maybe it was really a mess up on thier part.

Namco Bandai have revealed their list of planned games that should come out in Japan in 2008 unless they hit huge problems. The listing is in Japanese, but we can assure you the one we highlighted says Tales of Vesperia, and as you can see it now says PS3 as well as 360 beside the name.

The game, which is the newest and tenth main entry into the ‘Tales of’ series was announced for 360 late last year at Jump Festa, but now it seems PS3 is doing well enough to get a bit of the Tales action too.

Release dates for both versions are still unknown.