Take Two Brings The Red Star To Europe

After floating around in publisher hell for what seems to be an absolute eternity due the Acclaims bankruptcy back in 2004, Take Two have ended the long wait for gamers who were still holding out for The Red Star to be released – including me – by announcing that they will bring the game to European shore for the PS2 on 6th April. For those not keeping up to date on the game it is an arcade-style beat-em-up reminiscent of the great Cannon Spike, it also allows the options for co-op play. Back in 2004 when Acclaim owned the rights to the game an Xbox version of the title was scheduled but after this recent announcement it now seems unlikely.

The Red Star is an accomplished and exciting title that we’re thrilled to be bringing to gamers,” said James Ellingford, International Managing Director of Take-Two. “Its unique combination of combat and shooter gameplay styles and the rich universe of its comic book heritage delivers an experience unrivalled on PlayStation 2.”

The game is set to retail at a price of £19.99